Full Garden Re-plant

This garden had been superbly landscaped to provide more useable level areas, but had never been planted up properly. Weeds had taken over and sitting out in it was not an enjoyable experience for the owners. I was commissioned to do planting plans for the whole garden and to plant it up. The front garden was planted with shade loving plants such as ferns and Pulmonaria for year round interest, with a Cotinus (smoke bush) for contrasting colour that will lend some privacy as it establishes.

The back garden is in full sun so was planted with a vibrant mix of summer – autumn flowering perennials. New borders were created in the lawn for added colour and interest and some of the planting was repeated to tie the different areas together. Planting was also chosen to deter the clients’ young children straying close to the edge of big level changes, as no safety rails had been installed.

The bottom level of the garden was given over to soft fruit with a fan-trained nectarine planted against the south-facing wall.