Small Urban Garden One

This narrow and steeply sloping garden overlooks a busy main road, so the owners wanted a garden that would detract from that view and give them some privacy. They wanted a level area to sit out on and liked the idea of informal mixed planting including spiky plants, wildflowers and vegetables. They did not want any yellow flowers! A dry stone retaining wall was built to help create the level terrace. Two stone circles surrounded by contrasting plum slate provide the seating area. Curving beds taper down the slope, planted with tall plants to help obscure the view of the main road. The beautiful Cercis Canadensis tree provides autumn interest when the wildflowers are just finishing and will lend some privacy once more established. It blends with the purple and silver planting scheme.

This side garden cost roughly £3,500 to transform. planting in the front garden was carried out afterwards to match the side garden.

photos by Jennifer Booth