design services

Step one- Consultation and concept drawings
Where I’ll listen to what you want from your garden, assess the site and get an idea of your needs, visions and tastes.
Through discussion with you, we’ll arrive at a design concept, which might be a particular theme such as a water garden, a Mediterranean or wildlife garden, based around a colour scheme or particular materials, or on a certain style e.g. art deco. I’ll take rough measurements of your garden and plot existing features that you want or have to keep, such as walls, established trees etc. From these I can produce a base plan (view from above) of the components of your existing garden and I’ll overlay this with rough sketches of suggestions for your new garden. These help us to discuss different ideas and tweak them until we agree a final plan. Together we can create a garden you’ll love spending time in and want to share with others, rather than one you look despairingly at out of the window.
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Step Two- Site surveys, detailed plans, construction drawings and planting plans
A site survey involves me taking accurate measurements of the dimensions and gradients of your garden. This allows me to draw a scaled base plan, which I can then use to transfer our agreed design concept onto. If your new garden requires hard landscaping features, such as retaining walls, steps or  a pool, I can produce construction drawings that show how these should be built. These drawings will allow a builder/landscaper to give you quotes for the work. Once all the hard landscaping is done, your garden will need ‘soft landscaping’ i.e. plants. You may choose to plant it up gradually yourselves, or I can produce plans with planting suggestions.
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Step Three – Project Management, aftercare and maintenance
If you choose not to implement the design plans yourself, I can help you find contractors and oversee the construction process.  Having invested so much in creating the garden of your dreams, it will be important to you that it establishes to reach its full potential. We can provide the ongoing maintenance of your garden, or if you’d like to maintain it yourself, but are not sure how, I can provide 1:1 tuition alongside a maintenance schedule.
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All of the above can be adapted to suit your budget