Her drawings allowed us to visualise what we wanted

Helen was recommended to us because we wanted to enhance a small but rather flat and dull garden, but we wanted to keep it low maintenance. She talked through what we wanted and suggested ideas including raised beds and subtle lighting and then drew up detailed plans for the landscaper.

The result is just what we wanted, but wouldn’t have got if we’d not used her services. We would recommend Helen to anyone who wants to be imaginative and creative with their garden space.

Mr & Mrs Eldridge

Great Decision- Moorish Garden

“I used to dread coming home during the summer months when our garden was such a mess. Now it’s been transformed I look forward to getting back so I can sit out, admire the view and think what a great decision it was to have it done.”

David Clarke

The garden is a thing of joy

“As the plants were very small when Helen planted them, watching them develop has been like having lots of Christmas presents. They are now twice the size and we are looking forward to the buds opening. Like Christmas, the garden is a thing of joy we will get pleasure from every year. And since Helen has chosen plants for all year round interest, the enjoyment will not be confined to one season.”


The garden I’d imagined

When I opened the bedroom curtains this morning, I saw the garden I’d imagined! Thank you very much!

Nigel Cowell

It was a pleasure

It was a pleasure and exciting to have Helen make our garden magical. She really listened and gave creative samples and visuals to help with the concept of our garden, which was – spiky, multi-layered and easy maintenance. She had loads of innovation and worked wonders with the budget. We even got a herb spiral. Thank you.

Jennifer Booth

Helen is unique

“When it comes to garden design and landscaping, Helen’s knowledge and experience is fantastic and her love of all things growing shines through and is truly motivating – and what Helen doesn’t know she will find out, or she knows someone who does!.

Helen is unique because not only is she very hard working, reliable and honest, she is also a very good listener and communicator – a really nice, understanding, down-to-earth woman. Helen made a huge difference to me when she re-designed my garden. Even though I was on a tight budget Helen understood my position and transformed my garden well within my means. I would never have thought of the ideas that she suggested and the result gives me pleasure every day!

On my recommendation Helen is now re-designing my partner’s garden, which needs a major overhaul. I am totally relaxed and thankful Helen has undertaken this work and so excited knowing something wonderful will unfold. I recommend Helen 100% and if you are thinking of having some garden work done then I am more than happy to talk through my experience of Helen’s services.”

Sue Harris

A Garden Ode to Helen

Gardening is my therapy – It has been for many years, Because now of my illness – I cannot lift the shears!  Then along came Helen – A blessing in disguise, Her magical fast fingers – Restored life before my eyes!  She’s dedicated to her work – My plants like her tender touch, They smile when she arrives – ‘cos she loves them very much!

I once again love my land – Even though I can only admire, The pleasure it gives me when ‘browsing’ really lights my fire!  Helen’s ‘blooming’ lovely – Her rates are very good, Someone to appreciate – ‘n’ does what a dedicated gardener should!

Anne Taylor

Given me confidence

Helen has given me the confidence to experiment more in the garden – particularly with cutting back plants to get the best from them – and some lovely and more appropriate ideas of what to plant where.  Helen was lovely and put me at my ease and did not laugh at my ignorance.

Judith Stovell