Tips and links Q2

April –

  • Akebia quinataPlant of the month – Akebia quinata- a semi-evergreen climber with spicily fragrant, claret -coloured flowers that hang in pendent racemes, followed by sausage shaped fruit!

This month’s jobs
Scarify lawns to remove moss and thatch.



May –

  • Plant of the month – Nectaroscordum (Honey garlic) – a bulbous perennial that bees love!

Likes full sun to partial shade.


This month’s jobs
Apply fertilizer to your borders and lawns (use organic wherever possible)

June –

  • Plant of the month- Allium Christophii
    60cm H, flower heads up to 20cm across. Bulbous perennial with pinky, metallic purple flowers. Likes any soil and full sun.

This month’s jobs
Prune spring flowering shrubs once they’ve finished flowering.
Plant out summer bedding