tips and links

The following are sites I find really helpful  when choosing planting. Enter details of your soil conditions and sun/shade, then the colour, size and type of plant you want and get a list of suggestions

January –

  • Plant of the month- Helleborus (Lenten or Christmas rose)
    Hellebore40cm H, 60cm S. Evergreen, clump- forming plant, likes alkaline to neutral soils and a sheltered, shady spot. Flowers are cream, pink and dusky purple, depending on cultivar, from midwinter to spring

This month’s jobs
This is a good time to give your greenhouse and pots a good clean out.
Provided the ground isn’t frozen, it’s also a good time to turn the soil, so that the frosts will break it up and pests and their eggs are exposed to the birds and to the cold.


February – 

  • Branch with flowers of Daphne mezereum photographed in nature Stock Photo - 11585176Plant of the month- Daphne mezereum
    1.5m H, 1.5m S. Deciduous, upright shrub with gorgeously scented pink flowers in early spring. Likes a sheltered position in partial shade to full sun.

This month’s jobs
Prune roses now before they put on new growth.
Prune apple and pear trees.
Add manure or compost to beds.



March –

Fritillaria meleagris


  • Plant of the month- Fritillaria meleagris  (Snake’s head fritillary)
    50cm H, 10cm S. This bulbous plant has beautiful, delicate, bell- shaped flowers with snakeskin markings. It likes any soil type and full sun to partial shade.

This month’s jobs
Give your lawn its first cut  with the blades set high.
Start off your veg seed sowing and plant onions and potatoes.